Mercedes G63 BRABUS Bodykit and Full Body Wrap

So we recently had the amazing opportunity to fit this Mercedes G63 AMG with a BRABUS bodykit and a full two tone body wrap.

Just before the G63 got delivered at our workplace, the owner just had the exhaust replaced by a new and much louder system from germany.

The owner came up with a really awesome and menacing wrap design so we were excited right from the start to get this beast wrapped.
First of we started with the disassembly of the G63. Since we did a full wrap as well as the insides of the door panels and the whole interior frame. So one of the first parts to be taken off were the hood and the doors.

Then the team started with wrapping the smaller components, such as side mirrors, rear trim, the front and rear lights, door handles and the mounted spare tire cover on the rear.
Also we disassembled the tires, because the owner wanted not only to have his rims replaced with black ones but also the brake calipers painted in gold, instead of the current red colour. Which we think is a good choice since it fits the menacing theme of the car more, since the red brake calipers give off a sportscar vibe, which is not the theme of this G63 BRABUS.

In the meantime the interiour frame of the G63 was being fully wrapped in the two tone color scheme. By this point the BRABUS bodykit arrived as well so our team started to get those wrapped as well. Also the new hood extension was being fitted onto the hood of the G63. The roof had been wrapped by this point as well.

Afterwards we assembled the doors back onto the car and at this point 90% of the car had been wrapped.

  • Merk voertuig ::Mercedes-Benz
  • Type voertuig ::G63 AMG
  • Werkzaamheden::Full Body Wrap & BRABUS bodykit Installment
  • Project afgerond op ::11 november 2019
  • Bijzonderheden ::two tone body wrap,Brushed Steel & Gloss Black

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